NOTE: Sorry but we’re currently not available to take new orders. Please contact The Bronzery. 800-909-7523.

Current customers please email us with any questions. Make sure your emails use the same subject thread as before. (NO TEXTS PLEASE.)

Email  Tell us what you want. Ask any questions about prices or anything else. We’ll respond and go back and forth with emails until you have everything you need. Your first email can be simple like “Please give me prices for bronzing Cowboy Boots. I’m Sally Smith.”

If you decide to order we’ll give you shipping instructions to our CA electroplating plant. Then we’ll send an itemized invoice to your email address that you can pay securely online. You’ll have a complete record of our email conversations. Easy.


CLICK PHOTO. HANG TAG has your inscription. Great for unmounted shoes and boots. $30.00.







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