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We do high-quality (high-end) bronzing.  Baby Shoes,Cowboy Boots, Ballet Slippers, Military Hats, Football Cleats. Please look around our site. Take special note of the quality of our workmanship. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. We’re available by phone or email.  Houston, Texas. Written Lifetime Warranty.

Please go HERE to learn about GILDING.  Low cost, fast turnaround.

IMPORTANT NOTICE  This notice does not affect our GILDING SERVICE. We received notice today (4/30/15),  that effective May 31, 2015 the company that has been doing our High-Quality electroplating (Senti-Metal) is shutting down and will no longer be doing this work for companies like ourselves. Therefore, to minimize any possible confusion we’ve decided to stop accepting new orders effective right away. This includes bronze baby shoes, cowboy boots, military hats etc.. This does not affect any of the orders that we’re currently processing. If you have any questions,  please contact me at 832-455-1758 or by email at roberta@bronzeshoesandmore.com  You can contact The Bronzery, Escondido, CA  www.bronzery.com for your bronzing needs.

Learn about GILDING.