High-Quality Bronzing

High-Quality Electroplating.  Bronze Baby Shoes, Cowboy Boots, Combat Boots, Cowboy Hats, Ballet Slippers, Military Hats, Football Cleats, Baby Pacifiers, Adult Shoes and more. LIFETIME WARRANTY. Coast to Coast since 1985. Houston TX. We specialize in bronzing all types of metallic and non-metallic objects.

Contact us:  roberta@bronzeshoesandmore.com  1-832-455-1758  (Houston,TX)

See Styles Page for Bronze Baby Shoe Prices.


Baby Shoes                       Baby Pacifiers                         Adult Shoes
Combat Boots                   Cowboy Boots                         Hiking Boots
Football Cleats                  Soccer Cleats                          All Types of Boots
Military Hats (Covers)       Baseball Caps                         Cowboy Hats
Baseball Gloves                Ballet Slippers                         Pointe Shoes
Dog Collars                        Golf Balls                                 Baseballs